About 28 percent of women in Nigeria have gone through some form of domestic violence and abuse. Which means almost a third of all women in Nigeria, have experienced physical violence or abuse, a significant number in a country of almost 160 million, where almost half are women. ACTS G is a change agent  organisation geared at affecting public policy through advocacy, awareness & sensitisation, increasing understanding of the impact of domestic violence, and providing programs and education that drives that change


Rehabilitation Aids Healing

Our most important need now is ACTS Generation Holistic Centre & Shelter for women in urgent need of succour.

If you want to help end violence against women, achieve economic equality, empower girls and promote inclusive leadership, ACTS Generation is the medium to use.

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ACTS Generation is a Gender based NGO geared towards the Empowerment of Women and girls, to build lasting solutions to poverty and injustice with a focus on improving the lives and promoting the rights of women and girls.

We are here to help women and the girl-child receive the respect that they deserve  and the right to education, which is their human right to existence.

Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPPA)

An  Act to eliminate violence in  private  and  public life,  prohibit  all forms  of violence against persons  and  to provide  maximum protection  and  effective  remedies for  victims  and  punishment  of offenders;  and  for related  matters.

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We need individuals and organizations who are as passionate about humanity services and empowerment as we are to assist us to provide help for those in need of various forms of interventions.

Intervention Lines


Daily we hear reports of fatalities between spouses, and more recently women have been murdering their husband’s in Lagos and Abuja and other parts.

It is imperative to know that life is VERY important and marriage is contracted here on earth.  It should not be a DO or DIE situation.

Make sure you KNOW who you want to marry and not flow by fear of your ‘biological clock’ or ‘depth of his pocket’ or ‘her beauty, or because ‘your peers are getting married.’ etc.,  There are too many failed marriages amongst young women and men AFTER the pomp and pageantry.

Have proper counseling, not only faith based counseling but go and talk to relationship and marriage coaches or counsellors.  Do personality profiling.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE MARRYING – when you know BEFORE hand you can decide to work on the weak areas because AFTER marriage it may not be possible.

In a partnership situation – same applies.  Why would you, a young lovely lady, be hooked with a man who doesn’t know how to control his temper?  And releases his frustration on you.  You need to know your worth and respect yourself and then you get respected.  Love doesn’t hurt – lust does.

If you need to talk to someone, you can call: 08033951460 – for a quick counseling consultation or intervention because we work with other NGO’s and Lagos State Domestic Violence Unit.

Meanwhile, these are the Lagos State numbers to call – even if you are not involved.  Be your ‘neighbours keeper.’  Don’t keep silent against any form of abuse around you, especially against children.